Kayak, Canoes

Length: 5,0m
Width: 0,6m
Weight: 27-29kg
Sitting width: 0,84m
Maximum load: 220kg
Touring kayak for two person.


Length: 3,9m
Width: 0,57m
Weight: 18-20kg
Sitting width: 0,75m
Maximum load: 80kg
Single-person kayak designed for rafting. To the border spiccodeck is attachable.

Length: 5,5m
Width: 0,58m
Weight: 20-22kg
Sitting width: 0,8m
Maximum load: 150kg
This is the classing single-person kayak..

Length: 3,6m
Width: 0,55m
Weight: 13-14kg
Sitting width:  
Maximum load: 45kg
Single-person kayak for youngsters, for the age of 7-14.

Length: 5,05m
Width: 0,95m
Weight: 55kg
Sitting width: 3,3*0,7m
Maximum load: 450kg
Three,or four person touring canoe. There are two cabinets with cover built into the body.


Length: 4,5m
Width: 0,6m
Weight: 20-22kg
Sitting width: 0,84m
Maximum load: 150kg
Single-person kayak made for lake and river use.