The short history of Balatonplast

We would like to introduce Omikron-Dokk Kft. (est. 1982), and its subsidiaries, Balatonplast Kft, Mister Plastic Kft, Lézerplaszt Kft and Innokomp Kft. Together they form one of the largest reinforced plastic processing holdings in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe.

We use mostly the following technologies for production:
- Vacuum infusion (RTM)
- Spray-up
- Hand lay-up
- PU processing, PU foaming
- Press moulding
- Pultrusion
- Filament winding
- Continuous lamination, sinus sheet production
- SMC, BMC and pre-preg production
- Vacuformen, Thermoformen
- 3D measuring, reverse engineering
- Special bonding, adhesives
- Painting
- Assemebly operations

Our references: Scania, Bombaridier, Claas, Nabi, Ikarus, Oase, ITT W&WW, Bundeswehr


We manufacture a broad range of composite products like windturbine rotorblades, nacelles, sailing yachts, garden ponds, swimming pools, composite sheets, sinus sheets, machine covers, floats, bus body parts, panels, complete bathrooms, PU boot-soles and high-tech prepregs. The products are made of glass- and carbonfiber reinforced polyester, vinylester, epoxy and hybrid resins with PU, PVC and epoxy-foam sandwich reinforcements.

The surface of our products has such good quality finish, that as shell parts after special heat treatment and polishing the paintwork can be applied right away.

We are capable of producing 23-25 m long parts.
Our windturbine rotorblades are made of glass- and carbinfiber reinforced vinylester resin with foam sandwich reinforcements. They have the best available lightning arrester system and deicing system is also applicable. We are also capable of producing nacelles in any dimensions and in bigger quantities.

For development and mould-producing purposes we have an advanced 3D CAD/CAM/FEA system, also a mould producing workshop and a 5 axis CNC-mill.

On the following pictures you can see the usual process of production: from the 3D data or the drawings the master sample,plug is made, then the production tools and finally the product. Omikron-Dokk has also a 7 m long painitng chamber and a Faro Advantage 3D measuring arm, CMM.

Our companies have manufactured in the last 30 years many thousand tonns from many 100 different composite products to many hundred happy partners. We usually manufacture as industrial suppliers, mostly ex works. We have the flexibility and special know-how you need. We have the EN ISO 9001:2000 and the EN ISO 14000 certifacate, certified by TÜV-Nord. Our total production area is more than 8000 squaremeters, the total number of employees in production is about 80. Our yearly capacity is about 200.000 kg’s of hand laminated products, 2.000.000 kg pre-preg and about 1.100.000 kg’s of spray-up products.

We would like to offer our work as suppliers, sub-suppliers or as lease work, contract manufacturing to you for composite reinforced plastic products, mould-building and mass-production.

Balatonplast is a 10 years old company. Its products are made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester, which material makes it possible to assure at least 15 years lifetime for ponds, waterfalls, streams, filter houses, waterspring-pools. In the process of the production each product is quality checked 4 times in a specially strict manner to ensure the best quality finished product in the aspects of stability, firmness and aesthetics. To meet our customers needs we develop our products continuously with the help of our mold-design workshop and our associate companies laboratory.

Our pools shape and size has been redesigned. We have increased the 80 cm depth needed for the roots of the water-plants to 100 cm in order for fishes to be able to survive winters. The size of the ponds is designed to fit the purpose of utilizing the transportation vehicles full capacity. With the help of special pallets fast loading and unloading is achievable, and the products can be transported without damage. The structure of the pools was designed considering the light-demand of the different water-plants roots.

We consider it a great achievement to be able to reproduce natures structures and colours with the waterfalls, watersprings and special covers. The range of colours produced by Balatonplast represents natures full colour range. In the past 10 years waterfalls, ponds and watersprings were sanded to be more nature-like, but made with compromises because of the limits of the moulds. Balatonplast started to use new mould materials a year ago, which make it possible to enhance our production possibilities, product design-range.

At the end of 2005 probably all of our products will have nature-like surface, color and structure, except the extra-large ponds.

All of our forms are patented and copyrighted.

One of our short-term goals is to enhance the holding's mothercompanies EN ISO 9001:2000 certification to the Balatonplast also by June 2005.